"Schools are the beneficiaries of well-rounded children. Businesses are the beneficiaries of well-rounded, educated citizens. Economies and societies are the beneficiaries of well-rounded, educated, and capable citizens. It is time we aligned our educational system accordingly". (This is preferably a quote bubble).

Total economic growth is the foundation on which all progress depends.

Career politicians forgot that long ago, and now we careen towards continued economic decline.

It took a pandemic and lockdown to reveal just how badly our leaders have damaged the foundation of the U.S. economy.

They exported our manufacturing base to China, endangering both our supply chain and national security.

They weaken the dollar and threaten its place as the global trade currency. If our leaders continue along this path, experts predict the US will lose its place to China before the decade ends. Accordingly, the dollar will lose its place as the global trade currency and the low-interest rates that go along with it.

And finally, but hardest to ignore, prices of basic goods haven’t been this high in 40 years and America lost over 100,000 businesses in the last two years.

And yet, in spite of our politicians’ best efforts, the United States economy remains a symbol of opportunity, and the single greatest wealth-generating machine the world has ever seen.

But how long can this last when America’s politicians do not prioritize Americans, small businesses, or the economy?

Thanks to our wealth and innovation, we have the resources to build the greatest educational system in the world.

Thanks to our wealth and innovation, we have the technology to fuel our daily lives with renewable energy.

Before we can make progress on anything else, our leaders must prioritize the economy.

Do not kill the goose that lays the golden egg.



Our public schools are preparing our children to fail. But this doesn’t seem to bother the politicians. I will make sure that parents have the options — and schools have the resources — that students need to thrive.


We have more than enough technology and resources to fuel our economy with renewable energy. The only thing missing is leadership — we need doers, not talkers.


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