America needs new political leadership.

Too many of our elected officials — including the one who has represented the north coast (CA-2) for a decade — prioritize themselves, their party, and their special interests. Constituents come last.

Their priorities are exactly backwards.

That’s why so many people in our district are suffering, why families and businesses have been leaving for years, and why the middle class has been hollowed out.

Our politicians, California’s in particular, have insulated themselves from the consequences of their policies. While our cities are in a crisis of homelessness, drug abuse, and criminality, the politicians who helped create this chaos live comfortably on our tax dollars.

Party politics and career politicians are standing in the way of educational, economic, and environmental progress.

We should be living in a new golden age for California and America.

It is time to vote out the political class, and choose new leaders who will serve the people.

It is time to choose a better future.


America remains the land of opportunity. But for how much longer? Our leaders dismiss the problems of working Americans, ignore rising prices, and crush businesses with higher taxes and nonsensical regulations.



Our public schools are preparing our children to fail. But this doesn’t seem to bother the politicians. I will make sure that parents have the options — and schools have the resources — they need.


We have more than enough technology and resources to fuel our economy with renewable energy. The only thing missing is leadership — we need doers, not talkers.

“It is time to vote out the political class, and choose leaders who will prioritize the people. It is time to choose a better future.”


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