"Schools are the beneficiaries of well-rounded children. Businesses are the beneficiaries of well-rounded, educated citizens. Economies and societies are the beneficiaries of well-rounded, educated, and capable citizens. It is time we aligned our educational system accordingly". (This is preferably a quote bubble).

Our politicians talk a big game on the environment, but what have they done?

They attend summits in Europe, stage photo-ops in front of burned-out forests, and tell us how much they care. These are wonderful exercises in demonstrating how much they care, but caring is not enough.

While our energy costs rise, our politicians push away the companies that do the most to bring us alternative forms of energy.

And they do little to advance the very technologies that could one day replace our dependence on fossil fuels.

Yet, every year they say we are one year closer to causing irreversible damage to the planet and our future. So why are they not acting?

We have more than enough technology and resources to fuel our economy with clean, cheap energy.

We could be energy independent — no more oil or natural gas imports from the Middle East or Russia.

We could power our cars, homes, and buildings with renewable energy that does not damage our water or air.

We have everything we need.

The only thing missing is leadership — we need doers, not talkers.


America remains the land of opportunity. But for how much longer? Our leaders dismiss the problems of working Americans, ignore rising prices, and crush businesses with higher taxes and nonsensical regulations.



Our public schools are preparing our children to fail. But this doesn’t seem to bother the politicians. I will make sure that parents have the options — and schools have the resources — that students need to thrive.


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